Intimacy Anxiety: How to Relax and Enjoy Pleasure

It’s one thing to have anxiety in your everyday life, but another thing to experience anxiety between the sheets. It ruins your mood, kills the vibe, and makes you even more anxious to try again! Depending on the severity, intimacy anxiety can decrease the pleasure you feel during sex or even deter you from engaging […]

Cannabis and Sexual Wellness 101

Could sex be a new reason for you to swing by your neighborhood cannabis dispensary? Possibly. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways that cannabis can spice up sex, including the use of non-psychoactive CBD  and pure hempseed oil (no need to get high to reap the benefits in the bedroom). The Difference […]

Dare to Oh!

May is the month of growth, so take the time this month to reconnect with your body, find new ways of stimulation, and indulge in your personal pleasure growth.