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Sexy Summer Bucket List: 10 Ideas to Turn Up the Heat

Stay-at-home orders have forced many people to keep their love under lockdown. Add masking, social distancing, and cold temperatures to the equation and you have a formula that’s not really conducive to dating or meeting new people. Fortunately vaccines and the warm weather are offering an escape from all the awkwardness and restrictions. If you’ve been looking to cure your cabin fever, some hot fun in the summertime is just what the doctor ordered. You can even use cannabis to keep the sexy summer vibes at an all time high. Here are some suggestions to help make this your hottest season yet.

1. Set the Mood With Music

First things first, create a romantic playlist. You and your partner can contribute tracks dedicated to each other, and combine them into the ultimate mix. Solo lovers can add their favorite songs to a soundtrack that puts them in the mood too. Depending on what you select, the vibe can be sweet, seductive, or an enticing combination of both.

2. Plan a Romantic Getaway

Do you or your partner have a dream vacation destination in mind? How about a sexy solo trip you’d like to take? Let your Imagination run wild, but don’t leave home without your intimacy products! Once you hit the road or fly the friendly skies, the Minis Pleasure Collection is the perfect travel-sized way to take your out-of-town intimate moments to the next level.

3. Go Skinny Dipping

Stripping down and going swimming with your partner can be incredibly connecting, liberating, and sensual. Solo swimmers who want to get nude in nature can benefit as well. The sensation of the water lapping against your bare skin can have a centering and relaxing effect on your entire body. You can choose to visit a nude beach or a body of water in a clothing-optional area. To really heat things up, try spending some time in secluded natural hot springs, sans bathing suits. However, don’t forget to keep swimsuits and towels nearby in case any surprise guests crash the party!

4. Give Your Mate a Massage

You and your lover can help each other de-stress with a romantic rub-down. A couple’s massage can help ease tension, release stress, and bring you closer together. Try using some Sensual Massage Oil, made with hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, and other natural ingredients. This massage oil is even edible, so you and your mate really won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

5. Save Water, Bathe Together

Sharing a bath with your lover is a beautiful way to build romance and intimacy. Create an
intoxicating aroma by adding a small amount of Sensual Bath Oil to the tub. Set the vibe with some music like the playlists you created earlier. Lastly, light some candles and undress your partner. You can share a soak, dissolve the drama of everyday life, and focus on each other. Just make sure you both agree on the water temperature beforehand!

6. Paint Your Muse

It’s time for you and your partner to get creative with your foreplay! Have fun exploring each other’s pleasure centers with Dark Chocolate Body Paint. You can brush the paint on each other’s hot spots, then slowly take turns licking it off. This gives you an opportunity to build anticipation and celebrate each other’s bodies as the works of art they truly are.

7. Host a Pleasure-Themed Picnic

Satisfy your cravings with a sunset meal on the beach. Pick a menu featuring foods and beverages that boost your libido, like champagne, oysters, salad with artichoke hearts and asparagus, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Dining on aphrodisiacs under the stars can set the stage for the ultimate romantic interlude.

8. Bring Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

Introduce some luxurious new sex toys to spice up your routine. The Objects of Pleasure Gift Set is the perfect option, whether you’re an adventurous couple or you’re seeking self-love. It comes with a 5-speed silicone vibrator and stimulating gel infused with cannabis oil. Making time for toys can help you give and receive even more pleasure.

9. Have a DIY Spa Day

Pamper your partner (or yourself) by creating your own spa. Could your hands use some TLC after several months of constant hand-washing and sanitizing? Start with a hand massage using Soft Touch Hand Cream. To love the skin you’re in, apply some Cannabis Body Butter, and spritz on some Dry Body Oil. Don’t forget to show your lips a little love too. Some Sensual Lip Balm will have your lips feeling plump and kissable. It also has a warming and cooling sensation to stimulate intimate areas, so once you’ve indulged your partner you can ease right into foreplay.

10. Combine Kink and Cannabis

If you dare, you can even explore kink like wax play. Sensually dripping melted wax onto your partner’s skin during foreplay, massage, and sex will take your lovemaking to new heights. Try engaging in some wax play with a body-safe candle like the Sensual Massage Candle. The blend of cannabis seed oil, coconut oil, and rose scent combined with your lover’s touch will be a feast for the senses.

This season is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your body and your partner(s) in different and exciting scenarios. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Hemp and CBD products like the ones mentioned above can really elevate your intimacy in surprising ways. They can also help you relax and ease into exploring more bold and adventurous territory. Coming together with cannabis offers you endless possibilities for summer lovin’.

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