How To Survive And Thrive in Quarantine

Find pleasure and well-being during pandemic lockdown.
By Camille Miller

We’re currently living through some pretty tough times. COVID-19 has created an era where we all have one problem in common: uncertainty. This uncertainty commonly leads to fear, stress and even loss of libido, since emotional well-being plays a key role in sexual desire, especially in women. Despite these challenging circumstances, it’s critical not to ignore self-care; in fact, it should be a priority. Sexual wellness is an integral part of overall well-being. Step up your health by making good sex a priority, whether you’re solo or coupled up.

Schedule Self-Care

You’re likely aware that stress can lead to low libido and difficulty reaching orgasm. Start with self-care for relaxation, which can be a soothing treat all on its own or romantic as well. Start by lighting a nice scented candle (try High On Love’s soy-based Sensual Massage Candle, which contains cannabis oil and doubles as a massage oil) and run a hot bath. For a little added pampering, add some Sensual Bath Oil. With its gentle lavender and honey scent, it’s both stress-busting and softening for your skin. Bring along a glass of your favourite wine (or whatever you’re drinking these days – we don’t judge) and make it a spa-worthy affair.

Solo Discovery

Getting acquainted with your own body is another important step to sexual well-being. It’s essential to experience pleasure in intimacy as a couple, but even more so, it’s important to know how to please yourself. It’s your body and nobody else’s, after all. It’s your challenge to discover what makes it feel good, whether that’s with your hands or some helpful toys (try the High On Love Objects of Desire set, which includes a chic vibe). When you know your body and what gives you pleasure, that satisfaction can even extend to other areas of your life. 

Spice Up Sex

Even if you’re among the lucky ones who are in lockdown with a partner, that’s not to say that you’re not facing any challenges. You’re not alone if the pandemic has taken a toll on your relationship. Try nourishing your love by focusing on the simple things you can do together that you both love. Maybe that’s a nice meal that you cook together and eat by candle light. That might seem tricky if you’ve got kids, but if that’s the case, plan something to look forward to after bedtime. A yummy dessert can lead to a nice intimate massage (High On Love’s strawberry champagne Sensual Massage Oil makes for a real treat), and that can lead to touching, tasting and ultra-sweet orgasms.

Whether you’re thriving or just surviving, High On Love is here to help. Put your pleasure and relaxation first with our libido-boosting, orgasm-promoting products, each made with premium cannabis oil. For a brighter outlook during challenging times, make time for you.

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